NXTNANO is driven by a commitment to deliver exceptional, industry leading, nanofiber products on an unprecedented production scale. This commitment is supported by our HYPR Spinning technology, the backbone of NXTNANO's industry leadership. HYPR is an acronym for High Yield Production Rate.

HYPR Spinning is a revolutionary departure from the normal methods of nanofiber spinning that allows us to put down more & finer fiber, more consistently, and with better bonding. Our design permits flexibility in our lines to spin multiple polymers simultaneously, something that has never been realized in commercial industry. 

Today our products encompass a range of nanofiber medias, from very light surface coatings all the way up to full membranes for the apparel and microfiltration industries.  We process onto a variety of base materials without the need for secondary lamination or multiple layer processes for high insulating base medias. This translates to our customers saving money though bypassing unnecessary medias and time consuming processes. NXTNANO also offers a state of the art dry treatment process, we refer to as X-PEL, to render medias super hydrophobic & oleophobic. The treatment process occurs on a molecular scale & does not affect the properties of the nanofiber structure, permeability, or pressure drop.